(¯`·.·´¯) CHORES (¯`·.·´¯)

(¯`·.·´¯) CHORES (¯`·.·´¯)

❤️ Chores clearly mean different things to different people, or we would not be writing this web page: ❤️

❤️ Chores do not form part of your work hours, if you are working for your food & accommodation. ❤️
❤️ They are “Part of the Deal” for those accessing ULTRA low cost accommodation options! ❤️

❤️ Please remember "Chores" are part of your stay in our home AND in the homes of all hosts that we know of ❤️


CULTURE: - IMPORTANT (Helping us with chores)

My wife is Thai. Many guests, will ask "Need any help"? - My wife will ALWAYS answer NO, it does not matter; even if she is desperate for help. Where you come from it may be normal to ask? Thais, walk into each others kitchen and help - I have a house in Thailand and lived in "my" village for years, they are an incredible people, but see our world through different eyes.

Please take note of when Lee starts preparing lunch, (Or any meal) usually around 10 - 11am. Our volunteer work often dictates when. If you want to help, best thing to do is, join her in the kitchen, tell her you like peeling or chopping onion or garlic, baking, etc, etc,. Check the dishwasher does it need emptying? Set  the table with plates, bowl's and cutlery. Suggest! - for example, "I see there is loads of fruit", "do you want me to do a fruit salad-"? OR prepare a salad bowl, don't forget you will be eating too. Please try and be creative, you are here because we need your help, gently try not to take no for an answer.

Not enjoy cooking? Loads of other chores that can be done. Vacuuming, moping, cleaning (Toilet, shower, etc), please help to lower the burdens associated with ULTRA LOW COST hosting.

  💓 The Vast Majority of Guests are Great 💓
 it is just a tiny few, that make "hosting" so hard.