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Food Pictures on each side of this page, cooked by Lee - delicious vegan food


 Helpers : Julia and Matthias From Germany    Date: January 4, 2019

We stayed 3 weeks at Mal & Lee's Place and we really enjoyed every single day. It was our first helpx experience and it could not have been any better.

Mal & Lee made us feel at home very quickly. They are both very kind, warm & loving people. The vegan food is just so delicious. By far it was the best food on our travels. As we just got into the vegan lifestyle. We really appreciated all the knowledge Mal & Lee have about a good vegan diet. Thank you for sharing and teaching us how to do Som Tam & all the yummy food!

The house of Mal & Lee feels like home very quick and we loved the surroundings. The lake is just around the corner and even Perth CBD is not that far.

After all the trouble we had before with our car this was the perfect place and company to calm down and to get some rest. Also we got to know wonderful people from china & japan. We enjoyed having such a multicultural vibe in the house and we are glad we met some new friends.

Mal has so much knowledge about everything. Thanks for opening up our point of view!

Sorry for our late reply!

We hope to meet you again - maybe in Thailand :) thank you for everything.

Lots of hugs & love, Matthias & Julia

Helper: Grace Tu - From: China    Date: December 12, 2018

Staying in Mal&Lee’s place for 2 weeks was a lovely experience. Like everyone else, I loved the VEGAN FOOD in this house!!!! Not only I met some new friends from Japan and Germany, but I learnt a lot from Mal and Lee. Both of them are full of wonderful adventure, life experience and knowledge. I learnt so much about vegetables from Lee. I enjoyed so much on how they care for the food and how wise they are in living a healthy life. And they have bikes for you to cycle around. The lake nearly is a beautiful spot to cycle or walk.

You don’t take things for granted here, you take and you give. The 2-hour work wasn’t difficult. Mal and Lee would always care for you. Everyone in the house helped out in the kitchen before or after meal. It was actually a good time to learn some cooking from Lee and talk with her.

Mal is an amazing computer geek. I am very grateful he helped to fix some problems in my laptop and install Linux system for me. He never stops learning. Every day he would have something new to blow your mind. I wish my English was even better and my brain had more knowledge to discuss more with him. I really appreciate he enlightened me to learn more and more.

Mal and Lee are very warm-hearted, considerate and cute couple. You would enjoy being around them.

It was very memorable time for me. Thank you so much for everything!

Wish you all the best!

Helper: Chenyiyun Wang     From: China    Date: December 8, 2018

I had stayed with Mal and Lee for one week! They were so nice and gave me the most memorable exchange experience. The food was good, room was clean and Mal droped and picked me up at the station every time when I went out. They were talkable, kind, embrancing and understanding difference among people. I’m so glad I met them for my first Helpx exchange. And I’m so happy I made good friends in Mal and Lee ‘s house.
Thank you Mal and Lee for everything you’d done for me. Really wish I have oportunity to meet you guys again.

Helper: Satomi Mima   From: Japan  October 10, 2018

I stayed here for a week. There were little work I could do, like gardening and carrying bricks. Sorry, I wished I’ve been a good carpenter or something!
I felt so comfortable during I stayed here, every meal Lee cooked was so delicious, Thai food, sometimes Japanese food as well. These meal worth much more than I paid in advance.

Mel taught me lots of things including about food industry, healthy food etc and showed me some interesting videos like about social programs and music. They took me and another Japanese girl to the shopping centre,Cambodian temple and vegan restaurant on weekend.
I sometimes took for a walk around house, there are some nice parks and rivers to enjoy views and watching birds.

Cheers mate!
Helper: Su su From: China Date: September 29, 2018

I have stay with Mal&Lee for 45days.Mal&Lee picked me up from the airport at first day and take me to the another spot where i am working todayi am so appreciate and lucky stay with themLee cooks so deliciousi feel so full everydayi like talking with Mal about social problemshe always give me some new views and i glad to talking with him although my English is so poor^^anywaywith themi feel peaceful and cheerfulthey are soooo kind people👧👨i will miss u all.

Helper: Yulong Lan (Matthew) From: China Date: September 15, 2018

I stayed with Mal and Lee for two weeks by recommendation from a Chinese girl who I met at the airport, and fortunately, Mal and Lee were willing to take me hence I have got a most beautiful memory that I would never forget.

Mal and Lee are both vegan, thus I thought before that the food may not surprise me. On the contrary, Lee is one of the most amazing cooks who I've ever known as she is very capable of turning normal vegetables into exotic and local delicious cuisine using different cooking methods. Moreover, Lee is extremely industrious as well as she never stops in the kitchen.

Mal is a pretty knowledgeable and wise old man. Mal has lived an attractive life indeed, from a navy soldier to a prison officer to a computer shop owner and so on, I wish I could have a life as colourful as this too.

He and Lee cycled around this country and the world, therefore, they've got a lot of interesting stories that they experienced in other countries. They introduced a healthy vegan lifestyle to me, even though I may not be able to make myself a proper vegan overnight, it struck me that I should pay more attention to my own health, life of animals, philosophy of life and humans as one species.

In a word, it was a great pleasure to meet Mal and Lee. They are very nice husband and wife.

Helper: Chilson From: China Date: September 14, 2018

Have you ever seen the streets at 4: 30 in the morning? Just today. Mal and Lee were trying to get me to work . They got up early to cook breakfast and take us to work .It really touched me .In their home, I felt the warmth of home, I felt their concern and care for me, I really appreciate them .If there's a next time, I'll come to their house again .I was alone in Australia, but they told me to keep a room for you whenever you want to come back .I'll miss Lee's delicious meals and Mal's interesting observations .I know that maybe my English is not good enough to express what they did for me .But I just want to say that I really appreciate meeting you in my life . Best wishes.The name that's hard to spell, Chilson .

Helper: Anna Jauch From: Germany Date: May 16, 2018
I spent two weeks with Mal and Lee and wow what lovely people they are. As soon as I entered the house they made sure I was comfortable and happy. I learned a lot during our conversations and am still amazed how much knowledgment both of them hold. Not only did the food taste amazing but I also found out a lot about how food nourishes our body and what a healthy diet ideally looks like.
I worked at the local Cambodian temple where I discovered and experienced so much about Buddhism first hand. I was encouraged to take part in their ceremonies like chanting and meditating and the other locals were always lovely as well. 
My chore was mainly weeding and helping around the kitchen, cleaning up and 'serving' the monks. 
A huge thank you Mal for all of the help you provided me with my car. 
Thanks Lee for the amazing food, I felt like I was in vegan food heaven.
Thanks for your hospitality!! Wish you all the best,
Helper: Yan Pang From: China Date: April 17, 2018
I stayed with Mal and Lee for 5 days and I had a great time there. I arrived at the airport late and they kindly came to pick me up which makes me feel being welcomed. Mal was sick when I was there, so I didn't have too much work to do, instead, they took me to the church and temple to share food with other people, or took me to the Perth city.
Lee cooked many delicious vegan food and Mal taught me a lot of knowledges about balance diet, history, geography, etc. You will always learn something from them.
Mal, I hope you will recover soon and be happy everyday, I mean, both of you.
NOTE FROM MAL - I was bitten by a spider and am recovered now :-) - Thanks Penny

Helper: Julien and Noemie - From, Belgium - Date: March 29, 2018
For our first experience helpX we had the luck to stay for a few days with Mal and Lee. They are so naturally friendly and welcoming. We absolutely loved our few days there. Both are very interesting and have a lot of things to learn to us. Work there was more than fair. Really happy of our experience with both of them and were amazed by there cooking skills and there knowledge about vegan diet. Eating with them is more than worth it. Thanks again Mal & Lee

Helper: Lay hong and Peng kiat From: Malaysia - Date: January 29, 2018

Mal & Lee are very kind, loving and caring couple. We felt very lucky to have stayed with them. We stay with them for 10 days but we really hope we could stay with them for much longer. We love chatting with them. During breakfast, lunch and dinner time, we always have a long chat like a family.
We were given easy job to do. We did little bit of roof painting, painting trailer, window cleaning, we felt we did too little for them. They were always very concern about us, did we slept well? how we felt about the job given, and how we felt about food.
Lee cooks very yummy vegan food, her meals always surprise us as it was always a different dish, different variety ,be it a burger, noodle, mix soups, curry, miso soup, pastry, fried rice, Vietnamese popiah, salad fruit juice , all are so delicious. We miss them all so much. .The food that Lee cooks are full of colour, variety of veg and fruits, nuts, grains, herb and many other ingredient that I don’t know. Lee made very tasty and healthy sauce (all kind of sauce with multi ingredients). I think we had the most healthy food and yummy vegan food in our life (unless we are lucky enough to meet another Lee in the future.. haha..). They even taught us on how to keep a balance diet. I am a vegetarian for 5 years, I always don’t know much about how to eat a healthy meal. Lee and Mal open our mind on that., why we must eat this & that food .
Mal always has something to share, he is very knowledgeable, he always give my 17th years old girl advice on life. He has more than 50 years’ working experience; he has been in many business and type of works. Lee teaches us about business, how the system works, how to get start a business, what to do and what not to be done. Mal was always kind to fetch us to the train station, to do some shopping. One Sunday , they brought us to a Buddhist temple to serve the monks there. We love the peaceful environment there.
They are brave and courage person. They have been visiting more than 80 countries (if not mistaken?), they took 3 years to cycled the world. So they have many travelling experience to share. They are our health advisor, they are our business advisor and of course they are our trip advisor too?. They seem to know everything. The most important is they are willing to share their experience with us. Sometimes the dinner table felt like a debating hall. Everyone had different ideas on the topic . They always encourage us to express our point of view, our English has improve a lot ?.
LOVE U Mal & Lee, will definitely come back and of course hoping u will visit us at Kuala Lumpur in near future. Will keep in touch and say hello to you often. Wish you both happy and healthy forever. Cheers, Lay Hong & Li Xuan Helper:

Helper: Zhijun and Fengwan From: China - Date: December 28, 2017
We stayed with Mal&Lee almost half years. Like the family. They are very friendly and sincerely people. LEE is a good cooker. Everytime will try her best to prepared lunch and dinner. Vegan food is very healthy and delicious. They help us too many things.Even we are no skills, Mal teach us how to printing the the wall is better . we learned more and more about how to repair the house. we never forget this time. we love perth and MAL& LEE very much!

Helper: Silvia and Damián From: Spain - Date: October 8, 2017
Hello!!! We stayed with Mal & Lee for almost 10 days, the experience was great!!!! They were always trying to make us feel like at home. Lee loves to cook and you can feel it when you taste her food! They were a big help for the first days in OZ. Mal helped us a lot with banks, cars etc. Thank you for everything you have done for us! See you soon!
Helper: Vanessa Omoigui From: Germany - Date: September 24, 2017
I was staying with Lee and Mal for 2 weeks and it was a great first help x experience! I think they are the most guest-friendly people I've ever met and I'm happy that i could get to know them. Lee's food is sooo good and you'll never leave the house hungry!
They took me to awesome places I've never been before and I had a lot of fun there. The work was always interesting and not hard at all and my room there was soooo chomfy. I also really liked the two chinese girls staying there, it was fun to be around them! There's a beautiful big lake near the house and I loved going for a walk there. If you are looking for a homestay that really feels like home, you should come here. Thank you for that experience Lee & Mal , I really enjoyed it at your place!

Helper: Fanny and Chris From: France - Date: September 22, 2017
We stayed 2 weeks at Mal & Lee's and it was a really good first HelpX experience. They are tolerant, open-minded and truly attentive to their hosts. Food is an important part of their way of life and Lee is an excellent cook. The work (we did painting) was not hard and they are flexible. Thank you Mal, thank you Lee


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Feedback left by Workawayer (Matthias & Eva) 26-12-2017
Had a fantastic time at Lee & Mal's house. They were such welcoming and generous hosts, that we immediatly felt at home at their house. The vegan food was absolutely delicious and we miss it very much! We enjoyed many interesting conversations on all kinds of areas and were impressed by the vast knowledge the two have through their life experience. Thank you for everything! :

Feedback left by Workawayer (Alessandra & Carmen) 11-9-2017
Excellent stay at Mal and Lee's home! We helped as much as we could in renovating their house (painting and gardening) and stayed a couple of weeks. All the meals were delicious and homemade by Lee who is a wonderful cook and person! Mal helped us so much with everything he could.. They are very very helpfull and made us feel at home and part of their everyday life from the very first day. Definitly recommend staying at their home they are lovely people!

Feedback left by Workawayer (Delphine & Thibaut)  1-7-2017
We stay 3 week with Lee and Mal and we really enjoy this first workaway experience. Mal and Lee are very kind, they bring us where we need to go, they help us to find a car and some stuff and above of all they share with us great moment. I definitly recommends them ! Thank you for all, Delphine and thibaut

Feedback left by Workawayer (Teresa) 26-5-2017
This loving people are amazing. I was literally a part of their family. I had such a great time. Started with meal and finished with great experience. I did some painting and cleaning, preps for painting and so on. I didnt have any skills in building stuff but mal showed me some of his skills and we could work together. It was fantastic. The food from lee was very good and never to less. Almost every meal was a special one and very tasty as well! I really enjoyed my time there. We had good talks about different themes and we were listening to all the music, mal collected over years from all over the world. We watched documanteries and movies, I was really interested in.
They took me to the casino and a good restaurant. To a Buddhist temple and to a crystal shop. Sweet as! I can't thank these people enough. I am just very grateful to chose this lovely couple and had new experience.
Lee and mal. Your heart is so big and everything comes back to you! I promise! Thank you for all you have done for me! We will see each other again. I can feel that. I will miss you and never forget you in my heart. Lots of love for you and a great time with all the other workawayers! Take care!! X Sincerely, Teresa

Feedback left by Workawayer (Andres) 16-5-2017
I stayed with Lee and Mal for 3 weeks and it was wonderful expirience for me. I helped them with my knowledge and skills in renovating for a exchange for my own room and delicious meals. I have to say Lee is an excellent chef and I totally enjoyed her vegan meals! I never went hungry in they're house.
We had some lovely talks about different aspects of life and Mals knowledge about things seemed endless. They really treated me like a part of the family and I am really grateful for that. Also before sending me back on the road, they helped soo much, getting my gear together, planning the route etc. I would reccomend them as they were unbelivably nice hosts! Hopefully we meet again sometime, somewhere