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Prices in Aussie and US Dollars

Laos Fast Facts December 08 to January 09

These facts cover Nong Khai Thailand, – (Friendship Bridge) to Vientiane Laos, then,

Route 13 to the Lao-Cambodian Border - by Bicycle.

They are our experiences ONLY and it does not represent the “true state of affairs”.

At the time of writing AUD$1.00 5,500 Kip US$1.00 = 8,400 Kip.

This is the sign on the left of the large picture.....

After you have gone past this checkpoint, you will need to cycle 5 kilometres to the border itself...

The border looks like this, a small shack on the left side of the road.....

The exit stamp cost us US$2.00 each, as it was a Sunday. We do not know if this is an official fee or not. However, it seemed fair to us given that it was “after hours”. The border officer was a very pleasant guy and after we had our passports stamped... (A 1 minute procedure), we stopped and chatted with him, whilst we stocked up on water at the small adjoining stall. We moved on after a bunch of backpackers walked in from the Cambodian border – about 200 metres away.... NOTE: You cannot get a LAO visa OR an extension to your LAO visa here (As at 4-Jan-2009). Pakse is the closest, according to the immigration guy, to EXTEND your visa - We asked...... (Remember he may be wrong – confirm YOURSELF)

After you have gained your exit stamp, simply cycle about 200 metres to the Cambodian Border – which is on the opposite side of the road. The picture bellow is the CAMBODIAN border.

IF, like us, you do not have a CAMBODIAN visa, stop just short of the border and go to the immigration building. This is set back from the road about 25 metres. Here you can sit and fill in the “Visa application form”, (You will need 1 “passport size” photo) and pay the US$21.00. (Remember it was Sunday for us – after hours). The visa takes one full page of a passport. The immigration guys speak English, (At both border points) were friendly and very helpful, they also supplied a pen (Writing implement).

Once you have completed this formality, you go to the border post (above) and fill in your second, more comprehensive form – NO photo required with this one.

After you have done this, submit your passport to the officials (Plus for us a US$1.00 after hours fee).... Within minutes you are on your way.

OUR TOTAL COST crossing the border FROM Laos TO Cambodia was US$24.00 (AUD$35.00) EACH. We crossed on a Sunday.

FOR THE CYCLIST.... The kilometres on the signs do not add up. If you are following the signs to Veunkam, expecting this to be the border – add 5 kilometres to get to the border. If you are following the signs from the Cambodian border to Strung Treng, AND STAYING ON BITUMEN add 6 Kilometres.

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Laos Cycling Pages: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

Prices in Aussie and US Dollars

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