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A look around Australia

West Coast "Eagles"

New South Wales

Northern Territory


Western Australia



South Australia

State by State WEATHER

We are looking forward to seeing Australia, the world and its people. In Australia we have a beautiful diverse country with its oceans, mountains, deserts, and forests. The Australian people are among the most generous caring people anywhere in the world. We want to discover and pass on to YOU, via pictures and text, the beauty of Our Land and its people. We hope that you will follow us and will slowly discover Australia. We also want to bring the worlds people to you and our feelings on the countries we visit. We hope that our writings are perceived as "fair" and look forward to your comments.

We encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have or words of advise/encouragement. We will do our very best to answer your questions. We will leave messages as time and convenience permits.

Pages we have written and pages we want to write

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