Social Networking - Temple Workers
The temple contains little of monetary value, but, things of great spiritual value, HENCE:-
You will be asked to fill this form in on arrival - if you object, we COMPLETELY respect your choice,
however, you cannot remain here as an unknown stranger. We respectfully ask you choose another host.
Prior to us confirming your stay, PLEASE confirm your willingness to fill in the form. Plus allow us to check details against your passport.

Internet Password:- 2xxxxx (you get on arrival)
Both 2.5 ghz and 5ghz available – (same password). Which one you use, depends on YOUR equipments ability to utilise the signal.

NAME: ________________________________________________________________________________________________

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN(s) – (Your nationality – passport issuing country): (1) _______________________________
PASSPORT NUMBER:- ________________________ DRIVERS LICENCE NUMBER (Aussies ONLY):_________________
HOME ADDRESS: ______________________________________________________________________________________
TIMELINE: Expected to be with us for:- ______​​_____ days. (Please Advise)
ARRIVAL DATE:- 23/April/2018.
COMMENCED “HELPER” WORK: __________/_______________/ 2018.
CEASED HELPER WORK: __________/_______________/ 2018.
NOTE:- If you are not sure how long you will stay, please give as much notice as you can, before leaving.



Your day will begin around 7am when you get out of bed. We set out the table with what’s available. YOU prepare your Breakfast, (Cereal, Toast, coffee, tea, fruit, etc.. etc.. – please choose from what’s on the table only). Please be ready to leave NO later than 0800. PLEASE be on time. The 5 hour commitment needs some explanation. It means you will be required to be AVAILABLE for five hours, PER DAY for FIVE days per week. You will NOT work five hours, in fact it will be LESS than four hours, for most people.


Your “WORKING” day starts when we leave for the Temple at 8am. We will be at the temple around 8:15am, where we ask for you to assist until 12:45pm. During these 4.5 hrs, you will be given lunch at the temple. We will pick you up each day at 12:45pm and bring you back to our home around 1PM.

NOTE: If you have your own vehicle, we expect you to drive there yourself. PLEASE indicate your willingness to do so. A full weeks driving, there AND back is about 70 kilometres. $10.00 PER WEEK will be offered to offset your fuel cost (ROUGHLY 10 L per 100km) Hence 7 litres of fuel @1.3 per litre is $9.10) Mondays is currently

Perth’s cheapest fuel day We averaged less than $1.25 per litre all of last year.

So we are asking for 5 hours “of your time” per day, 5 days per week (NOT all work)

30 minutes of those 5 hours will be spent travelling to and from the Temple.

During the 4.5 hours working at the Temple, you will be invited to join the Monks and “helpers” in a FULL Buffet Lunch.

Generally there is a good variety of Vegan food – we eat there often, some days we bring vegan food to the Temple.

We are a “homestay” and expect you will help around the house – Just normal household chores pretty much like you would do at home, wash dishes sweep floors, tidy up – this is seven days a week – THIS IS in our profile!!!

SIGNED: __________________________________________________ DATE: _________/___________________/_________